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With more than 16 years of experience handling desktop and web products, freelancing or full time, my journey brought me to the profession of a Product Manager in IT environment.

Located in Lausanne-Switzerland, I am contributing and brushing my skills in Frontiers Media, a respected company with a strong vision to become the world biggest open-access publisher of academic articles online. With a huge pool of registered users, more than 460.000 of them so far and rapidly growing, we are disrupting the market of ‘knowledge sharing’ (for researchers, editors and curious minds) and making it accessible to all people around the world, with zero exceptions.

My enthusiasm and passion for product management is growing year by year. It’s amazing how much can a field of that scope offer to a person who’s learning about business and how much hidden knowledge is needed to deliver the best possible products to the people around the world. I am constantly making sure to consume as much knowledge as possible. From blog posts, products management podcasts or from brilliant minds from my working space or from various public events. Deep inside, I keep my knowledge possession on a very humble level, which ensures me to grow with every new piece of information I get.

While I have a huge respect for a technical part of product management, I was mainly working on the business side in the past. My experience was developed mainly in B2B industries handling data products. I started as a consultant in business intelligence, continued as a Product Manager on the same field. Later shifted into the IT product management working in a very bright startup, Soley GmbH based in Munich-Germany. There we were building a graph data platform with a variety of interface products, which are supporting decision making mainly in manufacturing industries with a high potential to expand across multiple fields. I am always proud to mention, that together with Soley team we reached an amazing milestone of series A funding.

I had a privilege to work on many different fields of business (in big and small environments) and supporting it with different roles such as; Product Owner, Scrum master, Crew lead for lead management (lead generation and lead nurture), digital marketing specialist, … Every one of them brought me a wider insight into the field of product management which helps me to understand business with a sight of entrepreneurship eye.

I’m well experienced working with different IT tools to measure performance, determine improvements, make adjustments, and at last – provide results. I consider end users as centric part of every product. I am in love with UX, design, and data analytics topics (especially usage data). I believe there is no excellence in product management without having a direct interaction with your customers and users. For that reason, I try hard to get to talk to as many as possible.

Apart from business, I like to believe that I have an outgoing personality, I am always willing to share experience, meet new people and discover what is around the next corner. Fan of tennis, basketball, swimming and other types of sports activities where sportsmanship and respected socialization is still a virtue.

Thanks for visiting my website, hope you find some useful content 😉

Cheers, Martin

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